Entec Is a leader in providing consultation and environmental monitoring services. We work to avoid environmental issues
and help solve your toughest emerging challenges .We believe that the most successful solution for any issue facing the
client is based on the green economy , understanding the environmental risks ,engineering principle and with cost effective
implementation .

Our Advantages

- Accredited consultancy firm.
- Our team combines experts with in-depth knowledge in the environmental field.
- A track record of successful studies and projects done with the biggest companies & factories.

- Cost-effective & eco-friendly solutions.
- Accuracy & professionally of work.
- Guaranteed licenses from accredited environmental entities.

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Consultation & Studies

environmental impact assessment

ENTEC Environmental Technology is an approved Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) consultant of The General Authority of Meteorology & Environment Protection (PME) and Royal Commission of Jubail & Yanbu (RCJY). So far, Entec has successfully carried out numerous EIA projects in KSA.

ENTEC’s Environmental Impact Assessments & Environmental Management Plans helps your business to contribute to local development while minimizing the negative impacts on the environment. We encourage and guide industries to safety operation and make environment management planning as an integral part of their regular operations

environmental management systems

ENTEC provides:

  • Complete Documentation services for the organization / industry for the certification process.
  • Customize the documents as per the organization’s area of operations and services and focus towards Environmental Sustainability.
  • Tailor made EMS training to all sections of your employees.

Benefits of EMS:

  • The Environmental aspect will be managed properly high definition of system in place.
  • Prevention of pollution, minimizes energy and resource usage reducing operating costs.
  • Improved compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Continual Improvement in Environmental Performance.
  • Reduces the risk of penalties and avoids litigation.
  • Improves employee morale.
  • New business opportunities with environmentally aware customers.

Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) or Due Diligence is an assessment carried out to identify potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities of an industrial or real estate project. ENTEC specializes in both phase 1 & 2 ESA and has the experience and resources to assess potential groundwater quality, soil contamination and issues related to hazardous substances. Our services also include identification of possible asbestos in building materials; inventory of hazardous substances stored or used on site and assessing indoor air quality parameters. The study involves

  • Identification & Characterization
  • Feasibility study of Hazardous Waste Facilities
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Emergency / Disaster Management Plans
  • Disposal Management Plans

Field Monitoring Services / Environmental Baseline Assessment

ENTEC has allied with recognized laboratories in Saudi Arabia and also has its own equipments & personnel to carryout the following monitoring services.

  • Meteorological monitoring.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring.
  • Stack Sampling.
  • Work Place Monitoring. - Water & Wastewater Sampling.
  • Soil Sampling.
  • Noise Monitoring.

Green Building

ENTEC has been playing a supporting role in achieving the desired LEED rating by offering the following services which effects on the overall rating of a Green Building.

  • Conversion of Wastewater for Non-potable use.
  • Source conversion of human waste to Biogas.
  • Conversion of human liquid waste to liquid fertilizer.
  • Design, Detailing & Supply of Dual Plumbing system.
  • Solar Water heating & Photo-voltaic lighting.
  • Energy, Material & Water efficiency consultation.

Occupational Health Safety Assessment System

Taking a responsible approach to Health and safety management not only reduce the risk of accidents and injury but can bring significant business benefits to an organization Despite this ,many organizations still fall to manage their and safety effectively the system promotes a safe and healthy working environment it can help an organize to manage the spectrum of staff related risks in the workplace enabling greater control of insurance costs and increased performance from its existing operations

The benefits are:

  • Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control.
  • OHAS management program.
  • Structure and responsibility.
  • Training, awareness and competence.
  • Consultation and communication.
  • Operational control.
  • Emergency preparedness and response.
  • Performance measuring monitoring and improvement.

Waste Management Consultation

ENTEC has experience in Design & Detailing of various consultation studies related to Municipal Solid waste and Hazardous Solid Waste Management. Following services are offered at ENTEC as consultation studies:

- Feasibility studies for projects related to Waste management. This includes CDM registration initiatives, financial modeling, technology adequacy, impacts on environmental attributes, potential risks, possibility of co-generation of power, future planning etc.
- Integrated Waste Management plan development for organizations / community Design and detailing of New landfills considering all safety, environmental, risk potentials.
- Design shall be of International standards and in conformity with Saudi Standards and specifications.
- Old Landfill closure plan development considering all the safety, environmental and risk potentials.
- Waste Characterization, Collection routing and facility assessment studies.
- Design & Detailing of Material Recovery Stations (MRS) and Waste to Energy Facility.
- In-depth Characterization study to analyze the extent of seepage of pollutants below the ground

Energy Efficiency

We offer our clients state-of-the-art consulting services, innovative energy solutions and delivering differentiated combined solutions in:

  • Energy Efficiency projects (EE) to reduce the operation expenses, improve the margins and upgrade equipment of the clients
  • Distributed Power Generation projects (DPG) to supply the power needs of the clients and reduce their grid-energy dependence
  • Global Energy Management Service (GEMS) delivering complete energy management services for the facilities, optimizing resources, improving procedures, monitoring and controlling the energy consumption of the client. This service is commonly a complementary service to EE and DPG projects.

Through our previous experience, we outlined the required services from our partners as following:

  • On-site visit(s) to conduct a comprehensive Energy Efficiency Opportunity Assessment.
  • Designing a fixed price proposal for an efficiency upgrade retrofit project with guaranteed energy savings.
  • Proposal for a data driven energy management service including installation of energy analytics hardware and software for remote monitoring and monthly management reporting for continuous efficiency optimization.
  • Bill Management & Validation services to streamline administration and verify energy fees and charges on utility bills.
  • Independent Measurement & Verification services for assurance of results.
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